Seventeenth Sunday after Trinity 13th October 2019

Seventeenth Sunday after Trinity 13th October 2019 
Welcome to
St.  Mary  Magdalene,  Bolney
Please stay for refreshments afterwards.

8:00Holy Communion
BCP (Said)
This Service is at Cowfold today
9.30amSung Eucharist

P: 534   O praise ye the Lord!
G: 297   How sweet the name of Jesus sounds
O: 413   Lord of all hopefulness
R: 137   Crown him with many crowns
2 Kings 5: 1-3, 7-15
Psalm 111
2 Timothy 2: 8-15
Luke 17: 11-19

Welcome to our worship today. Our sincere thanks to Rev Peter Sills for presiding for us today. Please stay for refreshments and conversation afterwards.

A huge thank you everyone from Sue for the support and delicious lunch laid on for me on Sunday after being admitted into the Order of St Richard on Saturday. It was a very enjoyable weekend of celebration!

Year's Mind - Jane Russell

Intercessions - Please continue to pray for those who are sick and in need within our families and community especially - David Robins, Adrian Morris, Hannah Buhler, Jo Clements, Richard Ford, Les and Christina Hamstead, Louise Carter, Michael Hudson, John Humphreys, Helen James, Sarah Jenks, Kerry Parsons, Flora Young, Henry Parsons, Steven Stone, Trevor and Lucy Mitchell.

Our prayers for David as he recovers from another stroke. He is currently in hospital in Brighton.
His family are with him over the weekend. More news to follow.

Please pray for the repose of the soul of Ann Mill who passed away on Saturday morning. Please keep Barry and Teresa and their family in your prayers too particularly as Barry's father passed away so recently too.

There is a comprehensive list in our Prayer Corner at the side of the organ for all those we wish to pray for.

A prayer for our interregnum for us all to use regularly.
 A vital point that we can all participate in prayer during this time:

Loving God, as we journey together through this period of interregnum,
let us look to the journey of our Patron, St Mary Magdalene, for inspiration:
As she and the other disciples walked alongside Christ, give us joy in each other,

as we share responsibility for our church and our community
and may the gift of interregnum be a period of deeper love and fellowship.
As she stood at the foot of the Cross give us courage to face our future and embrace the unknown.
As she waited and watched by the Tomb give us patience to wait and wisdom to live and trust in the waiting.
As she witnessed Christ in the stillness of early morning grant that we may witness his presence with us at all times

and let us look forward to rejoicing in that presence with our new Vicar.  Amen

The Week Ahead  -  What's New  -  Coming Soon

Sunday 20th October
10am Breathing Space

Next Thursday Eucharist
9.30am 24th October

Please refer to the website for updated information
Isaiah 35: 3-6
Psalm 147: 1-7
2 Timothy 4: 5-8, 16-17
Luke 10: 1-9

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Picture and Video of Sue Ayres receiving her Order of St. Richard Award from + Martin is available on the website homepage and ■Video section.

An invitation for the men of Bolney from are invited to join them for their regular 'Mens Suppers' on Wed 16th Oct : Skittles The Bull Henfield and/or Wed 20th Nov: Bowling Crawley Bowl. Contact Ron Leggett if you are interested.

Next Bolney Market Saturday 9th November 10 - 12noon
Rawson Hall
Contact Claire George if you would like a stall.
We have lost a regular trader through relocation so if anyone can make and sell pickles, chutneys, jams and marmalade you will be most welcome!

Bolney Christian Women's Breakfast
Saturday 30th November at The Eight Bells 8.30am - 10.30am
Contact Marigold Pym
if you would like to attend as breakfast needs to be ordered in advance
£5.00 on the day.
More details on a speaker to follow

Please help by being vigilant
Some churches in the Diocese have experienced recent break-ins and metal theft; St Margaret's, West Hoathly have recently experienced metal theft from the churchyard.  If you see anything untoward in or around church, please report it to the police and notify the churchwardens.

Plastic milk bottle tops
Please continue to save your plastic milk bottle tops and drop them in the bin in church (washed!) They raise funds for the Chestnut Tree Children's Hospice resources. It is worth noting that these tops cannot be recycled in your wheelie bin.

Once you have made provision for your loved ones in your will, please consider leaving a legacy to our beautiful church.
Our policy can be found on: